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About the Game » Substream is an abstract aerial shooter for Windows PC. It's a very musical game. The entire environment morphs and animates with the rhythms, moods and melodies of the soundtrack.

In each level you fly over a landscape shooting down robotic alien drones, collecting weapons and scoring points, surviving until the end of the tune. But it's a little more complex than it first appears: space is looped. This means your attackers appear in multiple positions ahead of you, and your lone aircraft is effectively a squadron stretching off to infinity.

Substream has an arcade feel. If you're a competent gamer you'll probably find it more relaxing than your average shooter. The looping space is unusual but quite easy to get used to.

About the Beta » This is a preview of a game in development. It's the first two levels of what will probably be a four level game. It might take about 20 minutes to play through the beta.

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Install instructions

You'll receive an installer package which will set up the game automatically. The game requires Windows 7, 8, or 10 and around 80Mb of hard drive space. You'll need some gaming graphics hardware, e.g. a low end nVidia or Radeon chip should be able to run Substream.

Questions / Feedback » mail@benbradley.com


Substream_Beta_Installer.msi 47 MB